Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Since 9th of January 2008, this girl has been missing on her way back to her house from the nearby playground....Since that, her missing has alerted the nationwide and altogether the people has came out with lots of ways to find her and pray for her return ...

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I need ur help.........HELP ME!  

Friday, January 18, 2008

As mentioned in the previous posting, rite now I am looking for more business opportunities to diversify whatever I am doin rite now... Therefore, to my blog readers who have any info on any business opportunities are welcome to email me at riqzmiemall@gmail.com . NO CALL OR SMS will be entertained ONLY EMAILs,thank you for understanding!

Rite now, I am considering few MLM programs such as HAI-O, Rx-Water, SURECO, Zhullian and I think the list will be further more in the future...Jadik sesiapa yang dah join, BERJAYA atau GAGAL atau SEPARUH JALAN dalam mana-mana MLM yang Trisha sebutkan di atas, mai lar citer kat Trisha....:)

To those who have any products or services, would like to PARK FREE at my blog, please email the details to riqzmiemall@gmail.com. ( Terms and conditions apply)

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I love Thursday!Catch out the new SAGA !  

Do u know why I love Thursday? Because Thursday is my working day...hehehe wonder why I said like that huh? As I have mentioned in my profile , I am a full time housewife but every Thursday, that is my hubby off day.. so I can go out and do anything related to my part time income...hehehe... Like yesterday, I met up with two MasterEload downlines at noon followed by a potential MasterEload downline around 12 midnite...we finished our conversation around 2 am... huh tiring but enjoyable...I was also doing some marketing for my jewelry...and have researched for more business opportunities... hehheh for fun and to keep myself busy...

oh ya... I finally managed to see clearly how PROTON BLM looks like... watcha... I like it and....ermmmm would like to buy one if ader rezeki...amin...but maybe I have to wait until they have all power windows version because currently only the front windows are auto-opened hehhehe tk cukup rajin u nk pusing-pusing pemutar time nk buka tingkap hahahah tapi design Trisha tk banyak komen.....cantik waaaaaa... nanti Trisha nk test drive... maybe in few days! Belinya......tah bila-bila... doakan ye... that is one of my target for the year of 2008!.

Anyway, if anyone interested to know more about this latest member in PROTON, u can call 013 228 5040 ( RAHMAN)
He will be very happy to give u the details.... and he is also kind and friendly PROTON sales representative .... Man, Trisha dah bagi gud testimonial nie... bila nk belanja ais kacang? hahahah
Below is the new SAGA... I have tried to find better pics but it seems that not many...but the Mountain Blue is the color of my choice... I like it...

This new SAGA is available now for booking and u can select any from these 7 color: Moutain Blue, Zircon Green, Granite Grey, Genetic Silver, Solid White, Chilli Red & Metalic Black.
So what are u waiting for, make a call to RAHMAN ( 013 228 5040 ) now!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pakej promosi telah berakhir 3 hari yang lalu...alhamdulillah..apa yang Trisha targetkan telah berjaya dicapai...!Jadi, now Trisha kena sabar menanti hasilnya di bulan depan ermmmmm... bercakap pesal sabar... bulan Januari 2008 belum lambat rasanya Trisha mengucapkan HAPPY NEW YEAR kepada semua ...:)

Okei cam biasa, 8hb Trisha terima komisen...kejap erk Trisha cuba pastekan screen shot tue ...

Mobile No : 0136348761
Date : December , 2007

Total Group Members : 37
Total Group Sales : RM 2,393.0000
Personal Sales : RM 202.0000
Level : Agent

Direct Sale Discount + Group Sale Incentive + Master Agent Fund + VIP Bonus + IDD Bonus = Sale Bonus
2.6720 8.1776 0.0000 116.1775 0.0000 127.0271

Sale Bonus + Introducer Incentive = Monthly Bonus
127.0271 0.0000 127.0271

Bulan Januari 2008, MasterEload bayar insentif pencapaian ..yang mana Trisha dapat RM22 dan dibayar dalam bentuk I-Talk bernilai 20 dengan baki RM dibayar dalm RP. Semalam pula, Trisha menerima Introducer Incentive via handphone berjumlah RM15 dan RM9.50 lagi bagi introducer insentif level.

JUMLAH KOMISEN YANG DITERIMA : RM 173.52 melebihi target yang Trisha buat ... :)

Kepada semua member grup Trisha yang baru join ... WELCOME ABOARD... tk pe kalau masih kabur tentang bisnes MLM prepaid nie... kayuh pelan-pelan...insyallah nanti boleh jadi raja pecut lak heheheh...apa-apa pun, mari kita sama-sama menjana pendapatan melalui handphone kita...dan kalau jualan kita besh .....mana tau leh dapat lak handphone berkamera tue ...hehehhe

Bagi yang nk join, kos pendaftaran ialah RM58 yang mana RM16 akan dipulangkan semula dalam bentuk modal awalan .. so berminat nak tau lebey lanjut ...

sms / call : 013 634 8761
ym : trisha_kyrill
emel: mastereload_trisha@yahoo.com

Sekadar nak berkongsi , apa yang telah Trisha telah terima dari Mastereload sejak Trisha menyertainya dalam bulan April 2007 yang mana pada bulan pertama , Trisha dapat 15 sen saja hehehehe .... harap-harap peningkatan graf ini akan berterusan ..dan thanks to all my downlines who support me all the way ... marilah kita sama - sama mengembangkan jaringan dengan Trisha's Group.

Bonus / Commission

Report Date : April , 2007 - December , 2007
Date Total Member Total Sale Commission
April 2007 0 0.0000 0.1500
May 2007 2 0.0000 6.0985
June 2007 5 340.0000 21.2760
July 2007 18 1,123.5000 40.9377
August 2007 23 1,871.5000 39.4652
September 2007 24 1,753.5000 58.8157
October 2007 27 2,454.0000 73.0739
November 2007 27 2,502.5000 79.2565
December 2007 37 2,393.0000 127.0271

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