Friday, August 31, 2007

So, just wanna to update more photos from RIQZMIE CREATIONS. Wanna to have some more designs, get urself browsing our http://www.riqzmie.multiply.com

Currently, we are promoting our bracelets from RIQZMIE CREATIONS. Therefore, whoever buys any design from bracelets album and ur purchase more than RM150 in a single receipt, you are entitled to get our 'butterfly' bracelet for free!Hurry up before this promotion lasts!* Please check label: OPENING PROMOTION for pics of 'Butterfly'

Terms and Conditions.
1. This offer only valid from 31 August 2007 - 6 September 2007
2. Nett prices ( excluding postage fee)
3. CASH ONLY (Full payment must be made to MBB A/C upon a confirmation of order).
4. Only color in the pic ('Butterfly' bracelet) is available . Any request for
changing crystal colors for the 'Butterfly' won't be entertained. (This term
only applicable to free gift). You still can request for crystal colors changing
for the bracelets that you chose. Please request for color chart for this purpose.
5. Applicable to Malaysians only.

We are also accepting orders for this coming AIDILFITRI! Please place your order 2 weeks before AIDILFITRI to ensure your items could be delivered to you before AIDILFITRI.

You can choose any designs from our RIQZMIE CREATIONS or you are most welcomed to give us your designs. *Term and conditions apply - please sms/email: 0136348761/riqzmiemall@gmail.com for further details.

What's are you waiting for? Visit our site: http://www.riqzmie.multiply.com now!

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Sempena pelancaran barangan perhiasan/aksesori RIQZMIE CREATIONS, Ainol dengan rasa besar hati melancarkan KEMPEN PENYAYANG @ RM1 di mana setiap RM1 daripada barangan RIQZMIE CREATIONS yang dibeli oleh kengkawan akan didermakan untuk kebajikan samada rumah anak yatim, pesakit kanak-kanak kritikal etc. Hasil kutipan akan diumumkan dari semasa ke semasa dan jumlah yang didermakan beserta pihak yang menerimanya juga akan dikemaskinikan di blog ini, insyallah! Kempen ini akan berjalan tanpa ada tarikh akhirnya jadi ambillah kesempatan ini MEMBELI BELAH SAMBIL MENDERMA.

Bantulah Ainol untuk menjayakan kempen ini dan Ainol amat mengalu-alukan apa jua cadangan/idea yang bernas untuk difikirkan bagi memantapkan lagi program ini.


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ermmmmm cepat sungguh masa berlalu..its almost reach the end of the year...seronok pk tk lama lagie Ramadhan datang lagie...insyallah! Bukan apa, susah nk describe tp bulan Ramadan tu lain ler feelnye...especially di waktu malam...tatau ler if only me feels and thinks that way...but the environment is more peaceful and happenings!
So, Ainol nk gak mencelah-celah time nk menyambut Ramadhan nie...just to share with you all this dodol...Actually, Ainol dah lama mencari dodol yang kaw-kaw rasanya....payah bebenor rasanya nk dapat dodol sebegitu...penah sekali Ainol went to Malacca just to buy dodol, lots of flavors tu you...pandan, strawberi etc...reganya boleh tahan gak...bukan dari satu pembuat dodol jer....ada gak yang tk sempat Ainol rasa sebb time nk gi tempat tue...dh tk meniaga lagi...boleh dikatakan sumernya Ainol test..tp tu lar..susah nk kata...selera tue..pelbagai sehinggalah baru-baru nie ipar Ainol membeli dodol di satu seminar yang dihadirinya......fuyoooooooo MEMANG SEDAP...rasa cam nk balik kg time tu gak.......hehehhe sebab...punya lar banyak tmpat Ainol pegi mencari rupa-rupanya ada di negeri sendiri....kat mana lagie...NEGERI SEMBILAN ler......industri kampung..tp tu lar...dodol nie tk guna pengawet so tak leh tahan lama tp rasanya erm erm rasalah sendiri..baru tau maksud Ainol....jadi sesiapa yang teringin makan dodol ...sms/emel Ainol untuk detail yer mana tau nk gi tmpat pembuatan/berunding sendiri ...lebih-lebih lagie nk Aidilfitri tentu ramai yang order...kena order awal kot ngan member nie...sebab dier ni mengacau guna tenaga manusia kalu tk silap Ainol sbb Ainol sendiri pon tk penah smpai kat tempat tue...hehehhe tolong pomot jer...yelah sedap...apa salahnya kan?Ainol tk jual dodol tau...cuma pomot apa yang patut so jangan lak order ngan Ainol...haru-biru jadiknya nanti hehehehhe...Ainol cuma jual kristal!

Now, Ainol nk test biskut raya lak...mana-mana yang kaw-kaw rasanya...insyallah akan Ainol update di blog nie.......so stay tuned!

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Oppps...sure ramai yang terpk mcamana lak leh jual kete nie? Sebenarnya, Ainol tk jual kete pon tetapi member yang jual kete...dier nie keje ngan Proton Edar n ada gak bisnes kete sendiri...and Ainol sendiri pon beli kete ngan dier gak hehehe...dah dua kali Ainol beli ngan dier...first car year 2001 n 2nd car baru-baru ini...so Ainol puas hati deal ngan dier that's why Ainol pomotkan servis dier kat sini...Jadi, SIARAN ULANGAN... Sesiapa yang teringin nk trade-in/beli kete..tk kira apa jenis model PROTON, PERODUA, HONDA etc tidak kira lar baru/terpakai (akan diusahakan), sms / emel Ainol then Ainol boleh bagi contact detail member nie...Proton Edar sdg bagi diskaun kaw-kaw nie untuk model WIRA, WAJA, PERDANA...leh dapat 100% pinjaman (untuk yang layak)...n apa lagi erk...ermmmm tu kena tanya ngan member Ainol so ...sms/emel 0136348761/riqzmiemall@gmail.com.

p/s Ainol tk amik komisen pon...so jangan salah faham lak...ni semua atas dasar bantu membantu...remember FRIENDSHIP is vital to survive in this planet...please don't neglect ur frenz even though they're already become 'old tyres'...chow!

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Dun believe it aaa? To show our appreciation towards our valued customers and add more joy to our OPENING OF RIQZMIE MALL, RIQZMIE CREATIONS proudly announced that our precious "Butterfly" swarovski designed is FREE for all (* terms and conditions apply). So, tunggu apa lagi...grab one and get yourself looks gorgeus during this AIDILFITRI or any other occassions that u are in! This is offer is valid from 31 August 2007 until 6 September 2007 ( 7 days only ). This is not the one and only promotions...so stay tuned for another announcements! RIQZMIE MALL - ONLINE SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello my frenz!. No words can describe the joy and happiness inside me when finally I managed to share, build a reputable and friendly network amongst bloggers around the world, exchanging ideas with http://www.riqzmie-mall.blogspot.com/! Desirable and full of passion to create the biggest netter community without age limitation. Come and join me to achieve the best and be the best!

To all shoppers, WELCOME TO RIQZMIE MALL - where all your desirations fulfilled without any restrictions!


In the RIQZMIE MALL, you will be able to see variety of products either it is tangible / non- tangible products. For example, RIQZMIE CREATIONS offers various of handmade jewelery purely designed using SWAROVSKI crystals, natural stones such as freshwater pearls, cat eyes and Japanese beads (Please click RIQZMIE MALL - ONLINE SHOPPING SPREE on your right for more pics). If you wanna to have new looks or styles with a genuine and branded make-up lined up from variety of brands such as ESTEE LAUDER, SHISEIDO etc with a very compatible and definitely cheap from the market prices, just click our Strawberry Make-Up (Coming soon)! Keep slim and healthy with HERBALIFE, well-known sliming and supplement product to boost up your health! (Coming soon)

For Malaysians, who wants to seek for branded new / used cars not only PROTON cars but from other models too like HONDA, TOYOTA etc, please feel free to contact us for further details. Currently, we are offering discounted prices for all PROTON models ranging from RM3000 - RM5000 and also 100% loans on selected models (only for qualified buyers). So, what are you waiting for, be stylo with your new car during this AIDILFITRI. Please check our post titled CAR FOR SALE.

For Malaysians, those who are looking for a house to buy, please check out our post titled HOUSE FOR SALE.

Those who are looking for discounted prices for DIGI/CELCOM/HOTLINK/ITALK prepaids by becoming prepaid agent either for your own use or sale, please click our 'MasterEload - Your Prepaid E-load Solutions' to get more details.

We are also offering services for those need translators either in ENGLISH - MALAY, MALAY - ENGLISH, JAWI -MALAY, JAPANESE - MALAY/MALAY - JAPANESE at a reasonable rates. Anyone who needs writing services such as advertisement, press rebuttals, product review, newsletters etc , please read our post on PUBLIC RELATIONS.

For great eating place, ARYAN RESTAURANT which is located at The Weld serving truly authentic Northern Indian cuisine presented in a contemporary, chic fine dining setting harmoniously combining traditional elements of rich colourful Indian culinary flavours with the softer touches of modern day d├ęcor elegance.

This is the part that I like most; FOOD & BEVERAGE; Memandangkan tidak lama lagi kita akan menyambut Ramadhan then AIDILFITRI tentunya ramai yang tertanya-tanya mana agaknya produk makanan dan minuman...Buat masa ini, cuma ada satu produk saja iaitu DODOL...jadi sesiapa yang ada biskut raya atau kordial, sudi-sudikanlah hubungi saya melalui emel / ym / hp. Untuk dodol ini, bacalah post saya di bawah tajuk KUIH MUIH DI AIDILFITRI.

I am also mengalu-alukan kepada sesiapa yang mempunyai produk perniagaan yang ingin dikongsi bersama other netters, jangan segan-segan untuk mengemel saya bersama-sama dengan maklumat dan gambar, jika ada agar dapat saya postkan produk anda di blog saya ini. TETAPI pastikan produk anda itu merupakan satu produk yang tidak mempunyai unsur-unsur penipuan atau menyalahi undang-undang dan belum ada produk seumpamanya di RIQZMIE MALL.

Besides that, anyone who has nice and good articles to share with such as jokes, stories, facts, short stories, novels etc either in English or Malay (political, racisme, porno and others which are related to those are not permitted), you are welcomed to submit those articles to my inbox, riqzmiemall@gmail.com

Anyone who has inquiries regarding to our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us via mobile : 013 634 8761 or email: riqzmiemall@gmail.com or ym: trisha_kyrill.

ONCE AGAIN, I'M WELCOMING ALL OF YOU TO THE RIQZMIE MALL - where all your desirations fulfilled without any restrictions!

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any irresponsible remarks / products / services which are posted in this blog. But for those who are caught up with this unwanted attitude will be banned and your products / remarks will be deleted permanently. Therefore, please well-behaved in order to keep this blog peaceful forever!

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Bersempena dengan OGOS BULAN KEMERDEKAAN , Trisha melancarkan PAKEJ USAHAWAN PERINTIS Grup World of Extrememan bermula dari 1hb Ogos hingga 31hb Ogos 2008.

* Mengikut Terma dan Syarat

a) Mengaktifkan akaun anda sebelum tamat tarikh promosi
b) Mengaktifkan sekurang-kurangnya 3 akaun / lot di bawah anda dalam masa tempoh promosi
c) Prepaid RM30 PERCUMA ini hanya diberikan kepada 3 akaun pertama yang anda taja ; sekiranya anda menaja lebih daripada 3 ; anda CUMA akan mendapat Prepaid 30 sekali sahaja.
d) Anda boleh memilih mana-mana prepaid daripada MAXIS, CELCOM, DIGI atau Italk sahaja
e) Trisha berhak menarik/membatalkan kelayakan anda untuk HADIAH PERCUMA ini sekiranya berlaku sebarang salah laku atau mana-mana sebab mengikut budi bicara Trisha.

Tujuan Trisha melancarkan Pakej Usahawan Perintis ini adalah untuk :
a) Berkongsi Peluang dengan individu-individu yang mempunyai minat, kesungguhan, dan kerajinan untuk menjelajah dunia bisnes MLM tetapi mempunyai modal kecil.
b) Memberikan ruang alternatif untuk individu yang masih belajar / sedang belajar di kolej, maktab-maktab perguruan dsbnya untuk mencari duit poket.

a) BONUS PENAJAAN sebanyak RM50 / lot ( TIADA HAD )
a) BONUS PASANGAN boleh mencapai RM 560.00 sehari
b) WORLD POOL maksima RM 88, 572 tanpa penajaan
( digerakkan secara autoplacement berdasarkan pembelian setiap set Kopi Maca
Extremen/Koko Maca Extrewomen tidak kira di mana pembelian itu dibuat samada di
Malaysia atau negara-negara pasaran Kopi Extremen / Koko Extrewomen seperti
Indonesia, Thailand, Singapure dll.)
c) Dibayar Pencen Selepas 5 Bulan ; MAKSIMA RM 9, OOO Setiap Bulan mengikut syer
yang diperolehi daripada bilangan penajaan
d) Bonus Pencen Internasional ( mengikut jumlah keuntungan bulanan syarikat ,
Company Turn Over CTO )
e) Khairat Kematian berjumlah RM250, 000
f) Dan lain-lain bonus yang ditawarkan oleh syarikat

Selain daripada itu, anda juga akan layak menikmati segala fasiliti yang disediakan oleh GRUP WORLD OF EXTREMEMAN. Sila rujuk SINI


Dan Anda Akan Mendapat 1 set Kopi Maca Extremen / Koko Maca Extrewomen.

Pertanyaan berkenaan Extrememan samada mengenai produk atau pakej yang ditawarkan, berminat atau mahu menjadi AHLI EXTREMEMAN ,sila hubungi/sms atau isi borang pendaftaran di bawah;
013 634 8761 ( Primary )
email : mastereload_trisha@yahoo.com
ym : trisha_kyrill01


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Rasanya sudah agak lama Trisha tidak mengemaskinikan blog MASTERELOAD TRISHA's GRUP ini... rasa bersalah pun ada ...tetapi semuanya dah jadik di luar kawalan Trisha apatah lagi agak sibuk mempromosikan GRUP WORLD OF EXTREMEMAN ..

Hari ini Trisha ingin berkongsi dengan rakan2 agen MasterEload yang lain akan TAWARAN PAKEJ HEBAT AGEN MASTERELOAD yang akan berjalan selama sebulan bermula besok , 1 - 31 OGOS 2008.

Uniknya, pakej ini hanya memerlukan pembayaran pendaftaran sebanyak RM15 sahaja .

Sesiapa berminat untuk memulakan bisnes yang PALING MUDAH, PERMINTAAN TINGGI, MODAL KECIL DAN AIR TIME PERCUMA ,
hubungi/sms : 013 634 8761
ym: trisha_kyrill01
emel : trisha_kyrill01@yahoo.com

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